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Meet the MD

Engr. Dr. Okwu Ikechukwu Patrick

Engr. Dr. Patrick Ikechukwu Okwu was born on the 24th of February 1970 at Arochukwu, now Abia state. He is a native of Amozalla village in Ibute-Egede town, Enugu state. Nigeria. He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer and a Specialist in Embedded System Development, System Automation, Power Electronics, Renewable and Alternative energy with wide engineering experience. He finished his secondar....
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Our Background

Electronics Development Institute (ELDI) was formerly known as Centre for Adaptation of Technology (CAT). It was established in1988 by the government of the old Anambra state when Colonel Robert Akonobi was the military governor of the state. It occupies 87 hectares of land that stretches from KM 80 on Enugu/Onitsha expressway towards Ukwulu town. It comprised of three departments: i. Design and simulation ii. Electronics iii. Foundry
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Our Vision

To build an organization that possesses full capability to technologically empower relevant SMEs to develop business, commercial products and services based on electronics required in the global market.

Our Mission

Re Engineering and Technology Adaptation of Microprocessor, Embedded Programming, Virtual Electronics Laboratory/ Experimentation, Products and Manufacturing System Development Technology, Empowerment of SMEs, Capacity Building and Technology Transfer.

Our Mandate

The Mandate of ELDI is specifically in the area of research, production and reverse engineering with respect to the following six broad areas:
1. Re Engineering and Technology Adaptation
2. Microprocessor Embedded Programming
3. Virtual Electronics Laboratory/ Experimentation
4. Products and Manufacturing System Development Technology
5. Empowerment and Technology Transfer to SMEs
6. Capacity Building

Our Projects

ELDI Completed and Ongoing Projects.

News And Events

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